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The letter that anyone can't hear

​들리지 않는 편지

Short film, 2017

*69th Montecatini International Short Film Festival
*FECIBogota - 4th International Independent Film Fair of Bogotá

스캔 28.jpeg


Director  Iwa

Cast  Kim A Cheon


This is a story of an old man who is deaf but pretends to be a normal person.
he has lived in loneliness because he always has tried to disguise his disability from every people.

but in a somewhere, a shelter where he can ignore his secret, he eventually realize that he has to face his loneliness. because in spite of himself, he want to sing a song which he can remember last but disregard.
so, he made a list ‘to do list’. there’re 4 sentences.

1. going far by tram
2. buying flowers
3. going to see ‘Yun’
4. sing a song

He always turn his face away from people whom he loved, a last song that he can remember.
He never had the courage to face the empty room in his mind. But like in the old sad song that he used to sing, I hope people can have the strength to console our own traumas, wound, and loneliness.

this story is based in a life of ‘Romain Gary’. he disguised his secret from people. but in a last will, he confessed his secret. ‘I’m Émile Ajar.’ people was shocked because everybody compared two writers.
when I discovered this, I felt so much loneliness in his whole life.
that’s the beginning of this story.
there is a man who can tell his own secret but want to be loved.

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