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Structure : Making Bolero

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Dance Film, 2020



Directors   Kim Seoljin, Iwa

Music   LIVETOTHE ; Jung Jong-im, Choi Hyewon

Cast   Kim Kisoo Kim Bongsu Kim Seoljin Seo Ilyoung Shin Sangmi Lee Jungmin Jung Juryeong Jung Jong-im Choi Hyewon

By showing the bold attempt of deconstructing the conventional ‘Bolero’ through the premiere of Three Bolero in 2017, and in 2018, Making Bolero has become a signature repertoire of the KNCDC satisfying the popularity and artistry of contemporary dance. "Deconstruction and destruction of the Bolero - wouldn't that be a way of creating a real Bolero?" The work features choreography based on an approach to the structure of 'Bolero' using the sounds of everyday life and music in which ordinary noises expand into the rhythms of 'Bolero.' This dance film will be a new adaptation of Making Bolero based on the visual grammar combining these two elements, showing its atmosphere and metaphorical mise-en-scène.

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