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Story of Taiwan

​​대만 이야기

Short film, 2016

*67th Montecatini International Short Film Festival



Director  Iwa

Cast  林彥昕 Lin Yan-Shin

Narration  凃翔樺 Tu Hsiang-Hua
Music & Sound Design  Bella Boo Hyun Kim
Mixing  Rich Present


A girl in a school uniform walked into door of empty house. She watched television programs blankly and touched any tools in the kitchen. Anyone couldn’t figure out whether it’s her own space or not. that was splendid night view on the window. She didn’t want to see herself mirrored in the window, just felt like she’d been abandoned. in the room, there were too big bed and a large mirror, which means the space wasn’t hers.

This room is a room of everyone whoever can watch this film or can’t. the room means illness of the mind like panic disorder, depression, social phobia. That kind of illnesses are very common but we can’t see each other in naked state. I want to express about this room which we can’t see physically inside our mind.

there was a girl who seems lonely in the room where something disappeared. Loneliness led her toward noisy streets. Although she ran away from the room, in the street where anything couldn’t take heart, She couldn’t be happy


Emptiness, where does that loneliness come from?

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