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Greeting In The Afrernoon

오후의 인사


Short film, 2017



Director  Iwa

Cast  Jeon Sonee, Kim A Cheon, Eddy. Kim Bohyun

Sound Design & Music  Beela Boo Hyun Kim
Mixing  Rich Present


A girl works part-time at a bowling alley. She either cleans the bowling balls or waters the plants, and nothing more. There is not a customer here. The girl encounters three people: A Cheon, who has lost his job; Bo, who comes to pick up coffee cups at 2 everyday; and Eddy, who cannot play the cello anymore. Each of them has his or her story but the girl does not know why they are here and why they end up leaving. However, the reason is not important to her because just like them, she cannot tell why she is here.

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